Service & Commissioning - Installation and maintenance of pollution prevention equipment

Without proper installation and maintenance, site pollution control equipment may fail leading to an unexpected release of contaminants into the environment.

Our team of engineers specialise in the installation and commissioning of pollution prevention products and the servicing and maintenance of existing systems.

We work with companies across the UK ensuring site pollution systems are maintained and operating correctly.


We offer a service contract on all our equipment. We can maintain, repair and replace all equipment if needed ensuring that your site is always operating with the Environment Agency’s guidance.

We offer maintenance on all our products once the equipment has been active for 12 months and is out of warranty.

Our service agreements which can be inclusive of replacement parts, includes either an annual or bi-annual visit to your site to maintain your equipment and ensure all is in working order.

We are also able to maintain 3rd party equipment too. Our expert team have experience working with many manufactures and we are confident to maintain and repairs units where needed.


All our tank surveys are carried out by a fully trained OFTEC registered technician (OFTEC 600A) who will complete a report detailing environmental hazards on site. In order for you to have a full understanding of your tanks it is recommended to have them inspected for leaks and general condition at least annually. Annual OFTEC surveys offer peace of mind that your oil storage is being correctly maintained and that it remains compliant with all current regulations.


To ensure bund integrity, imperviousness to liquid contents and that they form an effective part of the PIRP, it is essential that they are inspected regularly and that any defects identified in the bund wall or lining are repaired promptly. It is imperative that any draw-off or fill pipes that pass through the bund wall are adequately sealed. It is also important that they are regularly emptied and cleaned to maintain the bund capacity.

We offer a service to inspect your bunded areas in line with regulations to ensure they are impermeable to water. The range of bund services we offer include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Integrity testing
  • Servicing and cleaning
  • Relining


Our team of engineers are experienced in the servicing and installation of drain closure valves. It is essential that any drain pollution control valve is installed and maintained correctly to ensure it is fit for purpose and will activate correctly when deployment is necessary. We service drain control valves including:

  • Draintector
  • CheckValve
  • Penstock valve

Separator service

We carry out separator inspection surveys across the whole of the UK. All surveys are carried out by a fully trained engineer who will complete a comprehensive and detailed report on every unit inspected on site.

During the survey any defective items will be noted and also reported back to site on the same day. Whilst on site our engineers will service any interceptor alarms and recalibrate them if required.

Upon completion of the survey we will be able to provide advice as to whether any of the units will require servicing and also if any of the filters (if fitted) need to be changed. Our range of separator services include:

  • One year service contract
  • Separator integrity testing
  • Separator audits