Monitoring & Control - Detection and measurement of liquids and levels

We all have a legal responsibility to minimise the impact our business has on the environment. Manufactured at our factory in the UK our exclusive range of innovative liquid monitoring and detection systems are designed to prevent pollution, control spillages and conserve the environment effectively and reliably.

The range of remote monitoring automated systems, providing full site environmental security, ensure no pollutants leave your site and ensure you maintain the highest storage and containment standards.

Separator monitors

Separator alarms ensure correct operation of separators preventing pollutants.

These systems comprise a control panel linked to up to 3 probe sensors that are installed within a separator that automatically monitor the levels within. If excessive levels are reached an alarm activates to notify of excessive oil,silt or liquid levels. Warnings allow for corrective action to prevent oil passing through a separator and polluting watercourses.

  • Automated remote monitoring
  • Warn of excessive levels
  • Notified when servicing is required

Bund dewatering

Monitor and dewater bunds to retain 110% capacity bund contents, safely pumping water into drainage system.

These systems comprises a control panel linked to a series of liquid levels sensors and pumps that are installed within the sump of a bund. When liquids reach predetermined levels the pump automatically transfers liquids out of the bund thus maintaining capacity. If excessive levels are reached an alarm activates.

  • Automatically remove rainwater
  • Maintain bund capacity
  • Reduce waste management costs

Liquid management alarms

We manufacture a range of liquid level sensors and associated control panels for detecting and monitoring various fluids across a range of applications. We also offer a bespoke service to tailor alarms to your specific requirements. Liquid management alarms include:

  • Grease
  • Sewage
  • Cesspools
  • Washdown tanks

Central monitoring

Our central monitoring web interface allows you to monitor your site pollution monitoring  equipment remotely 24/7. Remote monitoring provides accurate and instant record keeping for environmental purposes such as EA visits or ISO14001 accreditation and reduces the need for manual handling, confined space work, open manholes and planned maintenance checks. Benefits of central monitoring include:

  • Real time date stamped records for the Environment Agency
  • Awareness of any potential incidents immediately
  • Reduced health and safety risks and increased environmental compliance