Drain Closure - Installation and management of site pollution control valves

In the event of a fire or pollution incident spills can escape through the site surface water drainage system or foul sewer system.

Remote containment systems isolate the site drainage system to retain spillages or firewater run-off on site protecting both surface and foul water drainage systems.

Drain pollution control valves meet with pollution guidelines, containing pollutants on site and protecting the watercourses and wider environment.

We have developed a range of drain closure systems installed in vulnerable areas providing security preventing pollutants or firewater runoff entering the watercourse through onsite drainage systems. Our range of drain closure systems include manually and automatically activated valves installed at the final outflow to prevent firewater runoff and pollutants leaving site.

Key areas of use:

  • Prevention and times of high risk
  • Site security in the event of a spill


The Draintector is a multi inflationary bladder unit which is activated by an airline. It is designed to contain pollutants, oil spills and firewater run off challenges on site in the event of an incident. It provides a cost effective solution when compared against other market items such as penstocks and mechanical gates with significantly less maintenance required.


The CheckValveā„¢ is a hydraulically activated unit which contains contaminants and firewater run off on site within seconds of an incident. It has a patented over locking toggle system which can only be disabled by either manual intervention or a GSM deactivation ensuring 100% seal of the area. With its unique adaptor plate, it can be fitted directly onto an existing flange or to the wall within a chamber. 

Penstock valve

Penstocks are normally fitted into or onto the civil structure formwork either in channels or over an aperture in a wall. The channels and apertures are sized to accept a range of flow situations and the penstocks are required to suit. Our range of penstock valves include:

  • Weir penstocks
  • Cast iron
  • Wall mounted
  • Channel mounted 
  • HDPE penstocks