Marine Pollution Control - Preventing pollution to the watercourse in coastal and inland environments

We understand that, in the event of an emergency, the immediate availability and deployment of marine pollution control equipment is invaluable to prevent further spread of pollution.

Manufactured at our factory in the UK our extensive range of products help prevent pollution to watercourses in coastal and inland environments.

Our marine range is ideal for containing floating liquids and debris on water, removal of oil from the surface of water, temporary containment of pollutants and filtration and separation of oils from water.


As a leading UK manufacturer of spill containment booms we understand that, in the event of an emergency, the immediate availability and deployment of boom is invaluable to prevent further spread of pollution. Our range of booms:

  • Prevent the spread of pollutants
  • Used for preventative or emergency deployment
  • Contain oil or debris on water
  • Protect water inlets
  • Prevent debris reaching watercourse through outlets
  • Are suitable for short or long term deployment

Deployment systems

The rapid and effective deployment of booms will help to reduce the pollution impact, response time and clean up costs. 

We provide a range of boom deployment accessories to provide companies with the equipment for the correct storage and deployment of booms when responding to an emergency spill on water and for when installing permanent booms.


Skimmers are an effective method of removing oil from water. Oil skimmers come in a variety of styles including Weir, Rope Mop, Disc, Drum and Brush. Our skimmers are available in a range of sizes dependent on the required throughput, application, volume of oil, length of deployment, oil viscosity and space/access restrictions. 

  • Recover oil from waters surface
  • Portable or static units
  • Short term or permanent deployment
  • Extract oil from tanks and bunds


Our range of pumps can be used for the transferring of a variety of liquids including oils and water. They can be used in conjunction with our range of skimmers and oil water separators.

Kits and absorbents

The Drizit range of oil selective absorbents and SOPED spill kits repel water. Due to their hydrophobic nature they are ideal for removing oil from water and will float on water soaking up the oil from its surface. 

The immediate availability of quality absorbents helps to clean up spills and prevent further spread of pollution. Our oil absorbents and spill kits are:

  • Fast acting
  • Water repellent
  • Have a high oil absorbency
  • Float on water and will not sink even when saturated

Storage tanks

Our range of temporary storage tanks are ideal for holding pollutants collected from water. Our comprehensive range of storage tanks provide you with the right solution for any spill situation.