Please see below a selection of case studies of works we have undertaken on behalf of our clients

Free Site Survey And Correct Location Of Spill Kits Prevent Diesel Flowing Into A Storm Drain

A leading power generating company had requested a free site survey to assess their sites spill hazards and measures to ensure their site was fully compliant with legislation.

Carried out by our experienced NEBOSH qualified staff, we provided the customer with a detailed report on all areas of their site:

  • Identifying areas at risk
  • Recommending preventative measures
  • Recommending procedures for responding to incidents
  • Recommending appropriate equipment for prevention and response

Later, an incident occured whilst a forklift was being used to transport a mobile welding machine around the site. It fell from the forks and spilt diesel onto the road adjacent to the car park in close proximity to a storm drain. Owing to the fact that the free site survey had identified areas at risk and spill kits had been located in the identified areas the customer was able to quickly and effectively respond to the spill by:

Spill kit absorbent pads and booms were used to soak up and contain the spill

The drain cover from the spill kit was deployed to prevent any further diesel from entering the storm drain system

Pumps were switched off and pom poms (also supplied by Darcy) were deployed to soak up any final residue.

The oil interceptor was checked for any standing alarm.

The immediate availability of the spill kit contents contained the diesel spill and prevented any pollutants entering the storm drain and the interceptor thus reducing clean up and waste management costs.

Provision Of Spill Containment And Clean Up Absorbents

Project Title: Spill clean up

Products/Services: Provision of spill containment and clean up absorbents

Project Undertaken: October 2011

Industry Sector: Spill clean up company


Darcy's client a major spill response company required bespoke containment and absorbent products

Issues Identified on Site

Spillage of in excess of 300 litres cooking oil onto a private lake via water drainage drains

Solutions and Savings

  • Provision of containment fence/absorbent booms
  • Supply of woodloose, pads and absorbent rolls
  • Supplied oil absorbent sweeps deployed on lake
  • Savings and value to customer by offering competitive pricing full environmental services and bespoke products

Manually Deployable Drain Blocker Prevents Spills Leaving Site

Project Overview: Manual drainage protection

Project Title: Supply of portable drain bladders

Project Undertaken: 2011

Industry Sector: Transport and Distribution centre


Darcy’s client, a large transport and distribution centre, needed a cost effective, manually deployable product to stop major spill’s leaving the site and retaining any liquid in the drain network so that an on- site clear up can be coordinated.

Unit features

Manually Deployable

Quick and simple to use. Instructions are easily communicable.

Solutions and savings

  • Customer ordered 4 units to be placed at the drain exits and liked the idea that these could be incorporated into their current spill equipment such as spill kits.
  • As this is a fairly large, sprawling site, the solution offered the client flexibility to deal with any spill efficiently in a specific area.
  • They have trained all staff on how to respond and they are fully aware of how the product works. The products simplicity has allowed them to do this.

Chemical Bund Structural Testing And Lining

Project Overview: Bund structural testing and chemical HDPE bund lining

Project Title: Bund lining of chemical bunded areas

Products/Services: HDPE lining within ATEX areas

Project Undertaken: July to September 2011

Industry Sector: Chemical


Our client had been asked by the EA to show that their chemical bunded areas are fit for purpose and meet the required regulations

Darcy undertook a full structural survey on all bunded areas and marked the areas that provided the greatest area of concern.

Project overview

  • The areas that provided the greatest concern were scheduled to be lined
  • To ensure that the liner was suitable, 3no specifications of liner were tested in the most aggressive product on site for 8 weeks.
  • Most suitable product (2mm HDPE) was specified
  • 4no Bunded areas were lined and pea gravel installed to provide health and safety assistance
  • Project undertaken over a 6 week period and completed / signed off from the client.


Reduces the risk of a pollution incident

All Lining tested and certified

Aviation Company Requires Bulk Fuel Bunded Storage Area

The Darcy envirobund is a completely versatile and environmentally compliant secondary containment system that offers up to a 40% saving when compared with blockwork and concrete. Envirobund is made from modular galvanised steel panels and features a no dig option for cost effective installation around existing tanks and pipework. This tried and tested secondary containment system is in successful operation across the uk.


Due to our relationship through previous works on site, we were asked by a leading UK airport to assess current bunded areas on site and potential issues with current bunding systems.

Issues Identified on Site

Bulk Fuel storage was liable to collision.

Bunded area was not suitable to the capacity of the tanks in the event of a spillage


  • The installation of an envirobund enabled the tanks to be within a suitable bunded area.
  • Due to its installation, the Envirobund can be moved to another area if required.
  • Due to the airside location, the total installation time of the 12m x 10m bund (3 days) enabled minimal disruption to the client and their operations.

BioCat Solves Uk Airport Fuel Spill Problems In Aircraft Standing Areas

Project Overview: Airport fuel spill clean up

Project Title: BioCat cleans up fuel spill in aircraft standing areas

Products/Services: BioCat hydrocarbon absorbent

Project Undertaken: July 2011

Industry Sector: Aviation


  • One of the UK’s top airports recently requested a demonstration of the BioCat Recycling Centres to deal with the issues of aircraft on the stands waiting for passengers leaking fuel during refuelling operations.
  • The problem is that when aircraft are turned around for return flights, time is imperative to avoid costly delays. One major issue is that there can often be fuel leaks when aircraft are being refuelled and this leads to the area being cordoned off to allow clean up to take place. If fuel is left on the stands, there is a danger of the contamination being spread across a larger area and thus causing safety issues.
  • The airport already uses Darcy absorbents and spill kits to deal with spills and wanted to make an improvement to their effectiveness.

Unit Features

BioCat is extremely cost effective as it will absorb all manner of spills but is especially effective on hydrocarbon based liquids.

Solutions and Savings

The demonstration took place on a windy day and due to the openness of the airfield, this would be a common environment. A small amount of oil was spilt on the stand and the BioCat applied to absorb and clean up the spill. The surface was relatively rough and the fine fibres of BioCat meant that the product was brushed in to all the cracks and uneven surfaces. The contaminated product was then shovelled in to the sieve and the unused product fell through to the hopper for reuse, while the contaminated clumps remained in the sieve for disposal as hazardous waste. A final washing of the area brought any residue of oil to the surface and a final application of the BioCat enabled the area to be reusable again. The airport are now considering BioCat recycling centres for other areas and have a system which is quick to use.

24 Hour Spill Response Helps Client Where An Oil Spill Had Taken Place

Project Title: 24 hour spill response service

Products/Services: 24 hour spill response service

Project Undertaken: August 2010

Industry Sector: Food manufacturing


Darcy's client, a food manufacturer, called our spill response line after a small diesel spillage on one of their sites.

Issues identified:

  • Potential for waterways to be contaminated
  • Numerous grids near leakage
  • Small - medium capacity lost


  • All potential waterways were protected
  • Booms installed in case of contamination (not present)
  • Biocat product placed in areas
  • Leakage area cleaned and treated by our remediation team
  • All grids covered to reduce risk of entering the drainage
  • Site handed back to client within 24 hour window

Spill Response And Spill Kit Training

Project Overview: Protection of spill kits

Project Title: Training and advise on spill kit use

Products/Services: Spill response training

Project Undertaken: July 2011

Industry Sector: Manufacturing


Darcy’s client had an issue with its employees using emergency spill kits for everyday cleaning rather than for use in emergency situations.

Solutions and savings

  • We advised the client to undertake spill response training to provide the employees with full knowledge in which products to use in the event of an emergency spill.
  • We also advised the client that the use of tamper tags fitted to the spill kits would prevent the contents of kits being used for purposes other than which they are intended.
  • This has saved the company money on a monthly basis.

Need For A Streamlined And Cost Effective Ordering Method For Regular Absorbent Orders

Our customer, a provider of rail transportation to a population of over 15m, was very impressed with the quality and price of our absorbents. However, due to space limitations on site they could not order large volumes of absorbents in one go but wanted an easier way to manage ordering as he was placing orders every 3-4 weeks. As our prices were extremely competitive he also wanted to fix the pricing for a certain period of time.


We discussed setting up a call off order for a years worth of product based on his current usage. Owing to our customers commitment we duly fixed the price of the product for that length of time. They provided an order commitment to cover the quantity of pads as well as delivery costs for the length of the contract. Every few weeks the client sent in an email template to call off a quantity of absorbents at a time.


The customer has retained competitive prices based on a years usage without having to take an entire years supply of absorbents in one go. He was extremely pleased with how the call off orders went as this has saved him a great deal of time in creating a new purchase order every few weeks. The customer is also benefiting from fixed pricing.

For details on our call off order service please contact Darcy on 0800 0370 899

Remediaton Of Clients Premises To Remove Fuel Spill Stains


Our client requested Darcy Spillcare attend site after a small fuel spill caused staining on the ground area on-site.

Issues Identified on Site

Fuel staining to ground area from previous leaks / spills on site.


Spill remediation team attended site

Area cordoned off with booms, all drains covers blocked and area treated with specialist products to clean the stained area

Area Jet blasted to complete the works

Area handed back to client whilst all environmental risks were covered whilst the work was undertaken


Our Client required a solution to ensure that in the event of an oil pollution incident on their refuelling station

Project Features

Installation of a Draintector system that, in the event, of an oil spillage, activates a closure device system to isolate the drainage system.

Solutions & Savings

  • Automated System – No Human intervention required
  • Mains Powered with Battery Back Up in the event of a power outage
  • Unit installed in one working day to minimise site disruption

Solar Powered Interceptor Alarms

Monitoring of Interceptor on road networks to allow for scheduled waste management visits in with PPG3, whilst alerting the client to any spillages or pollution incidents.

Project Features

With such a remote location, the installation of a solar powered alarm unit allowed the client to monitor the tank, whilst reducing the cost ensuring a mains powered power is within the area

Solutions & Savings

  • GSM Notification Allows for the client to be informed of incidents and / or service requirements 24/7
  • Solar Powered Alarm allows for a reduction in labour and installation costs for both the client and supplier
  • Proven technology
  • Installation completed in 0.5 working days, allowing minimum disruption to the road network
  • Operator switch.
  • Rotating Solar Panel.
  • Supports up to 8 phone numbers for notification when an alarm condition occurs.
  • Battery condition reported in continuous range from 0 to 100%.
  • Solar panel voltage can be measured.

Central Monitoring

After engineering innovation thorough creation and implementation of the GSM Separator Alarm, Darcy’s Research and Development team created a unit that allows emails and text messages to be sent from one unit.

Unit Features

  • Monitors up to two oil separators. Status is checked every 15 minutes by default.
  • GPRS-enabled to contact Darcy monitoring service web site on a probe alarm condition or low battery.
  • Sends e-mails and/or text messages to a list of up to 16 recipients on an alarm condition, low battery, or if the unit fails to contact the monitoring service.
  • Battery powered (4 x LR20 (‘D’) alkaline cells). End-user replaceable. Battery life typically 2 years.
  • Internal GSM antenna reduces attractiveness to vandals.
  • Historical log of alarms and contact date/time can act as documented proof of compliance or for quality system.

Solutions & Savings

  • Reduces Waste Management Costs
  • Reduces the risk of a pollution incident
  • Allows numerous points of contact to reduce the risk factor of human error

Draintector Rail

Our client required an effective, proven solution to block the outlet points on the on-site drainage by means on GSM text message in the event of a pollution incident.

Project Overview

  • 2no Units to be installed on the outlets at 2no locations across the site
  • Drainage plans were referenced to ensure that the correct outlets were blocked
  • Pre Works confined space team visited site to check the drainage was correctly sized and in the correct working order
  • GSM Capability to allow activation by text message


  • Reduces the risk of a pollution incident Proven technology
  • Enables the drains to be utilised as storage
  • GSM Capability allows the unit to be activated / checked form anywhere in the world by up to 16 numbers

Debris Boom and Fence Boom Installation

Darcy’s client, a power station in the UK, required a boom to be installed within the on-site lagoon prevent Xenosphere’s on the surface getting off the lagoon and into the local river.


A 300mm debris boom and a permanent fence boom were installed to prevent Xenosphere’s on the surface getting from the lagoon and into the river.The Xenospheres are skimmed off the surface of the lagoon with Apump after the Xenospheres have built up a 10mm thick scum on the surface of the water.The area has 2no booms installed within the lagoon.

Draintector and Interceptor Alarm

Further to work undertaken on other airport sites, Darcy were asked to provide a bespoke solution that enabled automatic closure of the drainage in the event of an incident.

Project Overview

  • The areas that provided the greatest concern were scheduled to be protected
  • Bespoke solution provided with GSM Capability
  • Both Mains Powered and Solar Powered Units installed
  • Utilisation of existing penstock valves to enable a cost effective solution


  • Reduces the risk of a pollution incident
  • Proven technology
  • 8 mobile phone numbers program to be notified by text message in the event of an incident

Washdown Tank Alarms

After supplying alarms for various interceptor projects across the UK, Darcy were approached by a leading Highways / Construction company to investigate the monitoring of washdown areas to reduce the risk of a pollution incident and reduce waste management costs.

Darcy installed mains powered GSM alarms across 3 depot sites to protect against the above issues.

Unit features

  • Monitors units 24/7 and reports to up to 16 numbers
  • Contains high water and high silt probe
  • Internal GSM antenna reduces attractiveness to vandals
  • Flashing beacon/siren for low awareness on site
  • Full training given to depot team

Solutions and savings

  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Reduces the risk of a pollution incident
  • Allows numerous points of contact to reduce the risk factor of human error

2 x GSM Draintectors

Our client contacted Darcy to ensure that the site drainage system could be remotely isolated in the event of a pollution incident and / or fire fighting incident.

Project Features

Installation of 2 no GSM Draintectors that could be activated remotely in the event of a fire and / or pollution incident

The Units were also linked into the site fire alarm to ensure that activation was automatic in the event of a fire.

Solutions & Savings

  • Automated System
  • Mains Powered with Battery back-up in the event of power failure on site
  • Standard Testing (Weekly / monthly) to ensure that the unit is fully functional
  • HMI Screen for Detailed statistical information on the unit
  • Installation time of 2 days
  • Retro fit into an existing manhole, no civil works required

Firewater Runoff Site Upgrade

Our client approached Darcy to provide a cost effective bespoke solution to ensure that the site was equipped to deal with fire water run-off in the event of a fire.

Project Features

The thinking behind the project was to ensure that the site was protected from the outside in. By utilising the drainage as a storage area, and installation of removable we ensured that with our systems installed, over 1m litres of fire water run-off could be stored on site.

Solutions & Savings

  • A CCTV Drainage Survey was undertaken to establish points of exits from site
  • An Envirobund System was installed (120m) around the most vulnerable area of the site
  • Removable bunding was installed in the largest storage area doors (9 in total) to create a reservoir area
  • 3NO Draintectors (Linked into the fire alarm) were installed
  • An Aco drain was installed to allow traffic to move within the area and also act as part of the bunded area

Automated Drainage Protection

Darcy's client, an aviation depot an a UK Airport, asked Darcy to investigate the drainage on site and install a device that retained all liquids on site in the event of an emergency spillage that negated the need for human activation.

Issues identified:

  • Valve had to be activated by means of an alarm
  • Large amount of liquids stored
  • Risk of pollution to local area

Solutions and savings:

  • Darcy installed a bespoke system that activated in the event of high oils within the interceptor
  • Works completed in two working days
  • Installation of the unit has improved the protection on site and reduced the risk of a pollution incident

Going forward / further plans:

The same bespoke unit (different variations of power and size) are now installed across six airside aviation depots across the UK Airport network.

Installation of pollution prevention products

Due to previous works with Darcy, and recommendations from our technical team, our client was made aware that his interceptors required oil alarms in accordance with PPG3

Issues identified

  • Remote locations (Highways)
  • Non Manned
  • High risk level due to vehicles
  • No power source available


  • Darcy installed 2no GSM Solar Powered Interceptor alarms inside lockable cabinets.
  • These alarms, encased with a back-up battery, alert the clients response unit in the event of a high level of oil within the interceptor in the event of an accident.
  • Also it reduced unrequired waste visits to the tanks therefore paying for itself within 12 months of installation

Debris Boom Installation

Darcy’s client, a power station in the UK, required a boom to be installed to capture any debris from entering the water intakes.


The Boom installed is a Permafence boom that is installed on the Calder navigation river.The boom was installed to prevent debris getting into the water intakes.This water is pumped through into the power station and is a preventative measure the power station deemed necessary.


Darcy’s client, a distribution depot, asked Darcy to investigate the drainage on site and install a device that retained all liquids on site in the event of an emergency spillage

Issues Identified

  • One Main outflow from site leading to local stream
  • No Clear Manhole to install within – bespoke solution
  • Mains Power was an issue
  • Risk of Pollution to local area through 1 drainage exit.

Solutions & Savings

  • Darcy installed a solar powered unit with a backup battery
  • As manhole wasn’t available, we undertook civil works to enable drainage to be blocked.
  • Works completed in 1 working day
  • Installation of the unit has improved the protection on site and reduced the risk of a pollution incident

Going Forward/ Further plans

Customer is considering the options of installing the units onto further sites

Containment Boom Installation

Darcy’s client, an oil distribution company that delivered by the means of a canal barge system, needed a way of protecting the watercourse when filling / delivering from any leakages. After a site visit, our client required a system that enabled any oil that escapes to be captured within the boom system.


The boom on this site is a 33ft containment boom designed to contain oil spillages.The boom is on standby and not deployed unless they have a spillage when unloading the oil off the barge on the canal.The boom is deployed across the river using a pulley mechanism that locks into place on the opposite side of the river.