Leading provider of practical pollution control products and services

All industries have the potential to pollute and unless contained these pollutants can enter the watercourse causing devastating impact on the environment.

A UK leader and pioneer in environmental protection since 1935, Darcy Group specialises in the manufacture and distribution of products and solutions that protect the environment from business and business from the environment.

In the last 5 years regulators have significantly increased the levels of fines imposed on commercial organisations that pollute the environment.

Our extensive brand portfolio protects companies from eye-watering fines, long term damage to brand reputation and shareholders confidence in management.

Here are some of our client testimonials: 

We contacted Darcy to overhaul our firewater containment system. Darcy worked with us to advise us on the most suitable solution, bearing in mind various considerations such as space, usability and ongoing maintenance requirements. The knowledge of the installation team was excellent; the challenging work was completed safely, with limited interruption to other business functions. We now have a containment system that we know we can rely on in the event of a major spillage or release of firewater. Robin Parry, Operational Excellence Engineer at The Vita Group

Darcy engineered an excellent solution to replace a faulty, out of date containment valve within our warehouse. The equipment they provided was good quality and performs to the highest standards. The Darcy employees that I worked with throughout the project where helpful, friendly and thorough. The project was then delivered within planned budgets and timelines. Darcy now provide annual inspections of the valve, again this is done to high standards and to plan. Will Rysak, Engineering Manager at DHL

Over the last few years we’ve worked with Darcy Group on introducing hydraulic check valves with a linked remote monitoring system, Netbiter. We are very pleased with the implementation and installation of these solutions, as it has automated processes that were once carried out manually by staff. Our local environmental agency were also impressed with this solution. The work has all been completed as planned and is working well. Representative from Scott Bader Co Ltd