Migrant Workers Policy

General Policy

The organisation is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its migrant workers as far as is reasonably practicable and recognises that migrant workers might be particularly vulnerable to risks to their health and safety.

While generic precautions taken to protect the health and safety of the workforce as a whole will, in many cases, also protect migrant workers, it will also be necessary to implement specific advice, guidance and control measures to ensure the protection of migrant workers. This policy also acknowledges relevant legislative provisions and confirms the organisation’s commitment to compliance with these provisions.

The person with responsibility for implementing this policy is the Contracts Manager

Specific Arrangements for Securing the Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

The organisation recognises that language barriers and lack of understanding of information and guidance on health and safety pose the biggest risk to migrant workers. In this respect, it will implement additional control measures, such as translating health and safety information and using bilingual employees where necessary.

In addition to carrying out a risk assessment for additional risks posed to migrant workers and introducing measures to control those risks, the organisation will ensure that it:

  • provides health and safety information in languages other than English
  • tailors induction and ongoing training to ensure that migrant workers understand them
  • gives migrant workers suitable and sufficient access to personal protective equipment, and that they know how to use it appropriately
  • informs migrant workers of their rights in relation to health and safety
  • puts into place systems to ensure that migrant workers are able to report accidents and raise concerns
  • clearly explains to migrant workers what to do in an emergency
  • clearly defines health and safety responsibilities when temporary agency and/or casual migrant labour is engaged.

Dated: February 2020

Richard Proctor

Managing Director