Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) Policy

Darcy Products Ltd recognises that there may be risks concerning the supply of Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) which are subsequently incorporated into our product(s) and that many customers are now requiring their suppliers to implement processes to prevent this occurring.

Counterfeit/fraudulent material is material whose origin, age, composition, configuration, certification status or other characteristic (including whether or not the material has been used previously) has been falsely represented in any of the following ways:

  • Misleading marking of the material, labelling or packaging.
  • Misleading documentation.
  • Any other means, including failing to disclose information.

To mitigate any risks, we have implemented a number of processes:

  • Where ever possible, we purchase direct from manufacturers or suppliers who have been evaluated and approved under our Quality System. Where this is not possible we only use suppliers that are able to demonstrate the quality and source of the goods they supply to this company.
  • All materials and components are purchased to agreed specifications.
  • Incoming product is accompanied by certification if requested, which is checked against the original Purchase Order.
  • Incoming product is inspected for suspect items and validated against purchasing specification in-line with a documented process.
  • Any non-conformance is raised with the supplier and material rejected and returned if necessary.

If any CFSI items are discovered within the Darcy Products Ltd supply chain, we will notify our customers immediately so that they may cease the use of this item and inform any other parties which may be using them.

Dated: February 2020

Richard Proctor

Managing Director