Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term used to define the positive impacts that a company or organisation has on its surrounding society (including customers, stakeholders, employees, suppliers, etc). At Darcy Products, we are committed to giving something back to the community around us.

We take considerable pride in serving the local and national community and we would like to contribute in the following 4 areas:

  1. Our customers and the market place
  2. The workplace and staff
  3. The local community
  4. Our Environmental impact

Darcy Products has been established for 75 years and we intend to build on our heritage with a contemporary business approach to ensure future growth.

Our Customers and the Market Place

We believe that the customer must always come first and our mission may be summed up as:

The DARCY “PR” promise for customer priority:

The prompt and principled provision of proven environmental protection products

DARCY is proud of its heritage and values:

Tradition with innovation, versatility with dependability, creativity with sustainability: all with integrity and responsibility

We aim to build up long term relationships with our customers based on providing the best service possible and we are always striving to improve in this area.

We belong to Trade organizations whose main aims include the promotion of honest and ethical behaviour.

Work Place and Staff

We recognize that the key to building a good relationship with our customers is our staff. We want staff to feel that they “belong” and can have a satisfying career with our company in which they can achieve personal development. We believe that growth of our business will provide new and rewarding employment opportunities for our staff. We are committed to training our staff to the highest level to allow them to progress in their careers.

We operate to an Equal Opportunities Policy and issue staff with a handbook which lays out how we expect them to behave at work.

We hold regular departmental meetings in all areas at which staff are encouraged to make positive suggestions for improvement. Staff appraisals are held at least annually in which staff are encourage to discuss their personal and professional development.

We aim for continual improvements in these areas recognizing that there are always improvements that can be made. Thus our policies are continually evolving in order to introduce new ideas and ways of working, wherever they can benefit either the firm or staff.

The Local Community

We will endeavour to support local charities and community events as much as is possible recognizing that there is a mutual benefit from such support.

Our Environmental Impact

Because the main focus of our business is in the area of environmental pollution prevention and cleanup we already make a very positive impact on the environment and we recognise that further growth in our business can only be of benefit to the environment.

At the same time, we are committed to running an Environmental Management System which aims to reduce our own negative environmental impacts. As an example of this we already use a large proportion of recycled materials in our products and are constantly searching for sustainable solutions.

Dated: February 2020

Richard Proctor

Managing Director